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Nutritional Education

Did you know that the USDA recommends 5-12 daily servings of fresh produce for a balanced diet?

Carrots are a rich source of beta carotene (helps nourish skin/eyes/lungs and immunity boost).

Potatoes are a prebiotic, helping feed the good bacteria in the body and they're gluten free.

Spinach is a carotenoid that fights free radicals to prevent premature aging.

Romaine Lettuce is a great source of vitamin k, a, c and low carb.

Tomatoes help to prevent prostate cancer.

Onions improve bone density, are a natural antibacterial that help to fight infections, and an anti inflammatory.

Zucchini is a low calorie, high antioxidant veggie.

Sweet Potato is rich in beta carotene.

Red Lentils are protein packed and boosts heart health.

Rice is rich in carbohydrates for quick energy.

Veggies are high in fiber and full of vitamins.

Pink Himalayan Salt includes 84 trace minerals.

Full Cart Fresh aims to help improve nutrition and reduce the stress of chronic health illnesses

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