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Youth Empowerment Project has partnered with Axiom Bank and Full Cart to provide essential meals at no cost.

Each box contains nutritious, tasty, and easy to cook meals delivered right to your door.

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We understand that while some kids aren’t attending school in person just yet, they still need access to technology and other resources that will help them succeed in a virtual classroom.

Youth Empowerment Project and Feeding Children Everywhere are here for families.

We have partnered with Axiom Bank to help the families of the Youth Empowerment Project Child Development Program. Our mission is to help alleviate food insecurity while children learn.

Each child from Youth Empowerment Project will receive a sponsored food box, delivered to the Youth Empowerment Project once a month from October to December.

Our Signature Box provides up to 125 servings including entrees, breakfast items, side dishes and snacks.

To have a box sent to the center for your child, please complete the brief application below and you’re all set.