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Dear Community Members,

Protiviti Metro D.C. is partnering with U.S. Hunger (formerly Feeding Children Everywhere) to make a difference in the fight against hunger.

As the holidays approach, many families gather around the table to enjoy a big meal together. During this time, it is important to remember the millions of Americans that still face food insecurity every day. Food insecurity continues to rise in the United States as more people are affected by job layoffs, business closures, and lack of resources.

Protiviti’s i on Hunger program empowers communities to create a lasting impact on recipients. It helps deepen relationships and create exceptional experiences. With a spotlight on sustainable impact, the goal is to improve food availability, quality, and utilization as well as attack root causes of hunger, thus reducing demand.

With the ongoing effects of the pandemic, the I on Hunger program continues to operate in a virtual environment. We have partnered with U.S. Hunger and the Capital Area Food Bank to give you options for you to help address hunger in the local community.

Option 1 - Pack with a Purpose. Order a box, fill it with groceries, and it will ship to a local food pantry.

Option 2 - Full Cart. Make a donation to help families in need in the community.

Meal Goal
7,177 / 250,000 Meals

Pack With a Purpose

A safe way to serve from home.

Help Protiviti Metro D.C. and U.S. Hunger (Formerly Feeding Children Everywhere) deliver food to families in need in just 5 easy steps.

Each participant will receive a shopping list curated by selecting commonly requested items by the families these boxes will be serving. This list will also meet a total weight requirement for shipping purposes. Every box filled will contain 92 servings of food and helps a local food pantry battle the increased food insecurity rates rising across the USA.

Protiviti will cover the cost of the box and shipping. Your contribution is the cost of the food and your responsibility is to buy the food, pack the box and then go to a FedEx location and ship the box using the provided shipping label to the Capital Area Food Bank.

The cost of the food is a tax deductible donation.

Want to sponsor a Full Cart box of food instead? Make a donation to help families in need.

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Box Count

Reminder - We estimate that it can cost up to $20 to fill your box. Please keep this in mind when deciding how many boxes you would like to fill. The cost of the food is tax deductible.

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