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Virtual Food Drive

Help us feed hundreds of vulnerable families in OC!
Donate now - August 26.

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Over 8,800 families helped thanks to generous donors like you! As of August 2020

Feeding Children Everywhere is dedicated to the vision of a hunger-free world. Pacific Life’s CIT team will be donating toward sending a package of groceries directly to a hungry family who has been affected by COVID-19 here in Orange County. The food will be distributed through two of our community partners - Boys and Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast.

Make a donation of at least $10 and you will get a chance to win some great prizes! As an added bonus, the Pacific Life Foundation has committed to match any donation of $25+ made through this campaign.  Click on the Request a PLF Match tab for more info.

Impact Stories

"This donation will be serving youth in multiple zip codes in the Orange County area. The food will be distributed to our members and their families. Members will be selected based on need. We are going to be doing a Club on the Road program where we go into communities and host activities in parks where our members are unable to get to us. These communities will be our neediest communities and we would love to bring food for the families as we know many of these members are not eating 3 meals a day. A lot of times parents have to choose between feeding their child or paying rent. Being a beneficiary of these meals will help make this decision easier for parents."
- Boys & Girls Club of America

Here are just a few stories of how Full Cart has helped those families:

"We lost 3 incomes due to this virus. I have 3 kids, sometimes my 3 step kids, so 6 kids 4 days a week plus my fiancée. I also took my mother in. She has many illnesses but still works. We are behind on all our bills. A full cart would help ease my mind that my kids and my family will go to sleep with a full belly. And wake up to at least something. I have only eaten 1 time in the last 2 days. I am also a diabetic, as is my mother, but she has many other health issues. I would rather her eat as well as the kids. I would very much appreciate it even if I am not selected. I think this is an absolute amazing thing you are doing for families in a desperate time of need. Thank you so very much for all your doing. God will bless you Signed, a desperate mother"

-Dana R.

"Due to the coronavirus my family is out of work and we are no longer receiving a paycheck. My mother and I are both disabled and can't work, neither of us receive any benefits or money. My mother just had surgery on her spine today, March 31st and needs constant care. My four year old niece is currently staying with us and we are having great difficulty keeping everyone fed. Update: I am so grateful for all that you and the donors are doing! I am honored to be receiving help from this amazing program! Thank you for not giving up and continuously trying to contact me. My family is so grateful for their generosity!"

-Rae R.

Box Ingredients

Signature Box

Every dollar donated goes toward sending a package of groceries directly to a family’s door. $40 provides a family with the Signature Box; with up to 125 servings including entrees, breakfast items, side dishes and snacks.

Request a PLF Match!

To make an even greater impact, the Pacific Life Foundation has committed to match all employee contributions of at least $25+, dollar- for-dollar, up to the program’s annual maximum per employee.

Make your donation to Feeding Children Everywhere through this website, save a copy of your email receipt (tip: print as PDF), then submit your match request through Pacific Life’s online portal to double your impact for families facing hunger! Search for the charity using EIN 27-3274349, use the "Offline Donation" tab to upload your receipt and submit for a match. Please reach out to PLFoundation@PacificLife.com if you have any matching gift related questions.

Every dollar donated goes toward sending a package of groceries to a vulnerable family.
$40 provides up to 125 servings which will feed a family of four for about two weeks.

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