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Food going out now due to generous donors like you!As of

For as little as just $25 a month, you support the ongoing efforts of an organization that has been feeding people for nearly a decade.

We aren’t the biggest not-for-profit feeding people, but we are the best at partnering to solve the issue of food insecurity.

Feeding Children Everywhere understands that the ongoing food insecurity crisis in American has affected approximately 11.5% of the population for nearly 10 years.

We can certainly help get that number down in the next 10.

Thank you for becoming a monthly donor for as little as $25. Donate Now

Your monthly donation allows us to feed people and find long-term solutions within the community for people like Vivian.

"Thank you so very much for the food I received today. I couldn't believe all the variety that was in my box from you! I was so excited to open it up and can't wait to prepare some of it today. This is so very special to me and so very much needed at this time. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness to someone you don't even know. God Bless You!"

- Vivian B.

It takes a Village of community and faith-based organizations, nonprofits as well as individual and corporate donors to create the best long-term food security solutions for those most vulnerable members within our communities.

That is why we partner with organizations to help solve food security issues and not just feed people. We work to understand how our most vulnerable members within priority populations became insecure in the first place.

Our partnerships reflect our understanding of those top socioeconomic factors and gaps that most influence how well or poorly we live. Access to or lack of education, healthcare, financial stability, housing and of course food, all determine the overall health of individuals and communities.

Among the most striking similarities that we have discovered within the population of families we aim to help with food this year, more than 70% have a family member with two more chronic health illnesses.

Food is just the start.

Once we are able to assess and determine needs like healthcare, we also connect individuals with available resources within the community. Your donation allows us to continue to connect people with needed resources.

At just $25 a month, you can feed up to six families a year. Donate Now

This level of partnership and coordination across the country with local organizations is the best way to solve for insecurities within households.

Help us provide food and community connection to promote long-term self sustainability. We understand that solving for one insecurity often leads to discovering additional insecurities.
For instance, people who need access to nutritious meals might also need help with securing safe housing.

JOIN US. Become a Hunger Hero and pledge your monthly donation today.

Families face hunger for many reasons. Here are a few:

Great work on funding this group of families! We are currently working to gather a new group of people in need of assistance so please check back soon.

Family Crisis




Loss of Job


Limited Income


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