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Random Acts of Kindness Day 2020

The power of kindness is unstoppable. Random acts of kindness are built on sincere moments that come from the goodness of your heart. This year, to celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day, Full Cart is challenging you to brighten someone’s day. Your kind contribution to someone in need could turn their circumstances around. 

Hungry for Random Acts of Kindness Ideas?

Random Acts of Kindness are something worth celebrating. There are plenty of ways to pay it forward with your Full Cart box! Here are a few ways you can use your Full Cart box on this holiday or any day!

  1. Buy a Full Cart box for someone in need: Know someone in need of groceries? Head over to our website and purchase a grocery box! Each of the boxes is filled with plenty of shelf-stable meal kits, sides, and snacks. Want to keep it anonymous? With Full Cart, we won’t include your information when they receive their package. 
  2. Donate some of your Full Cart items to a local food pantry. If you have too much of one Full Cart item, you can take some of your meal kits over to a local food pantry. This helps keep their shelves full and provides tasty meals to others in need. Thanks to our Facebook fans for this awesome idea!
  3. Make a recipe using your Full Cart items and bring it to a homeless shelter. Use your culinary skills and create a meal using your items from your box to serve at a homeless shelter. If you need recipe inspiration, check out some ideas here.

Whether you just met this person or you’ve known them for years, you can make a lasting impact on those around you. You can leave an impression or a mark on someone’s life forever. Take the time this Random Act of Kindness Day to do something meaningful for someone else. Your heart will feel full when you do!