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Meal Prep Sunday

Guest Blog By: Alyssa Barker

I love preparing all my meals on a Sunday and being prepared for the week. As someone who is always busy and on the move, having go-to meals on hand helps me save time and money. This week, I decided to incorporate the Full Cart Signature Box into my meal preparation for the week. I ordered the box and was overwhelmed with the amount of food that came with it. I’ll have Full Cart items incorporated into my meal prep for weeks to come!

I normally prepare a few carbohydrates, protein, and vegetable sources for the week. With my Full Cart Signature Box, I had a variety of base options to choose from that acted as my carbohydrate source so I could make different meals. I had leftover chicken and lean ground beef in the freezer and vegetables in the fridge that I decided to throw in to add a little more. The entire meal prep took about 2 hours out of my Sunday to make. Normally, meal prep takes me about 3-4 hours because of the time spent at the grocery store figuring out which ingredients I would need plus the time spent traveling to and from the store. Here is what I received:

For my meal prep, I made the following items from my Full Cart Signature Box:
-1 Red Lentil Jambalaya Meal Kit
-2 Italian Veggies Pasta Meal Kits
-Half a bag of Pinto Beans
-1 Kidz Mac Meal Kit
-1 Hamburger Hero Meal Kit
-1 Farm and Ladle Chicken Noodle Soup Meal Kit
-1 Mashed Potatoes Meal Kit

These were the extra ingredients I used to help create my meals:
-Protein: Chicken breast and lean ground beef
-Vegetables: green beans, shredded lettuce, and broccoli

I cooked all of the Full Cart ingredients according to the package instructions. While the meals were cooking, I prepped my chicken and vegetables. Once everything was done, I got started on creating my meals for the week. All of these great recipes can be found on Full Cart’s recipe page. The meals I decided to make were as follows:

  1. Red Lentil Chipotle Bowl (I used chicken packet from my Full Cart box, but you can use whatever you’d like!)
  2. Slow Cooker Chicken Marinara with Pasta
  3. Farm and Ladle Chicken Noodle Soup and Potato Latkes
  4. Mac and Cheese with BBQ Chicken and Green Beans – for this one, I eliminated the brown sugar and used sugar-free BBQ sauce. I also added the green beans for some more nutrients.
  5. Hamburger Hero Burger Bowl
  6. Red Lentil Jambalaya Stir Fry – I used chicken instead of eggs.

I was able to store all the meals in my fridge and freezer and they lasted through the week. The Signature Box even provided me with snacks and easy to make breakfasts, such as Stroopwafels and Apple Cinnamon Instant Oatmeal.

Full Cart has helped me save time and money on my meal planning and preparation. This organization helps on-the-go individuals like myself make meal preparation hassle-free. Check out the Signature Box next time you’re looking to prepare your meals for the week.