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I Tried to Beat Full Cart’s Family Box and Here’s What I Found

I love deals. I will wait in line all day for free tickets to a show or for a BOGO at my favorite restaurant. If there is a cheaper flight option, I will layover anywhere to save a buck. So, as a recent addition to the Full Cart team, I couldn’t resist putting the deal to the test. I spent an entire Saturday planning, scheming and grocery shopping – trying my best to beat the price Full Cart offers. (Spoiler alert – I failed).

I drove to my closest discount grocery store on the busiest grocery shopping day of the week to test not only how much all the ingredients to make the Full Cart Family Box would cost, but also how long the trip would take. At the time of my experiment, the Family Box cost $17.99 (using the best coupon that was available for $5 off), and the contents were as follows:

When shopping, I gathered the ingredients necessary to build all the Full Cart meals from scratch, buying the closest replacement when the exact ingredient wasn’t available. I saved money by buying the smallest packages possible for each ingredient to keep my total low. After much back-and-forth in the store, I’m confident I found the best and cheapest options that would adequately match the ingredients of the Full Cart package (even though I had to sacrifice on quality and variety for several items to keep my shopping trip to a one-store minimum).

Even trying my best to beat the shipping cost, my total was $6.23 over what we charge! And that doesn’t include the time it took me to get to the grocery store in comparison to the convenience of groceries delivered to my front door.

I also decided to calculate how much my time and gas is worth going to and from the grocery store to estimate the value of home delivery for me. The average hourly wage in Central Florida is $21.531 an hour. I used this number and the time I spent at the grocery store to come up with the following valuation of my grocery trip.

The cost of my shopping trip alone was more than the shipping cost of the Full Cart Family Box! If you add the value of my time and effort on top of the value of the groceries my total was $42.80! That’s a whopping $24.81 that I can save by ordering Full Cart’s Family Box! Additionally, the ability to open a pre-packaged meal and prepare it in a matter of minutes is invaluable.

In the end, I just couldn’t beat the value of the Full Cart Family Box. For hard-working individuals and families who might find themselves needing an extra boost in their grocery budget, this is the deal of the century. If you’re curious at all about Full Cart and wondering if it is a good option for you or your family I would definitely recommend checking it out. The deals we offer now are even better than when I went shopping, so be sure to look on your favorite coupon sites to find the best deal for you!

Don’t believe me? Try the Family Box for yourself

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