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Calling all Junior Chefs!

There are a lot of opportunities to get your kids to learn and experience something new during this time. In the world of Full Cart, we have plenty of recipes and plans to keep your littles busy, all while teaching them about cooking healthy meals at the same time!

With different ages comes different abilities. As always, supervise your children and only do what makes you comfortable. Here’s a list of fun ways you could use your Full Cart box and keep your children busy!

Ages 3-6

This healthy Thai chicken noodle soup is perfect for the little chefs! Click HERE for a fun Full Cart recipe they can get behind. Here are some skills for the younger ones to learn:

Ages 6-9

Click HERE for a Red Lentil Chipotle Bowl recipe. It is a great way to get your kids in the kitchen and take advantage of this learning moment for them. Here are some kid-friendly skills to focus on learning:

Ages 9-12

This recipe is a great way to challenge your older children and really teach them in the kitchen. Click HERE for the slow cooker chicken marinara with pasta. Here are some of the tasks for the older kids to focus on:

Ages 13 and up

Full Cart’s healthy stir fry recipe is a great way to keep your tween’s busy, have them follow the recipe HERE and treat yourself! Here are some great skills for your tweens to learn in the kitchen: